02-03 July 2019
Boston, MA, USA



Solving the Challenges in Developing Next Generation Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics

Globally it’s estimated 1 in 5 people suffer from neuropsychiatric disorders. This figure, combined with drugs that are showing little or no response is making neuropsychiatric disorders  a huge unmet clinical need.

The neuropsychiatric drug development field has been stifled for decades by a lack of scientific progress in understanding the brain and costly and challenging clinical trials. espite this,

The tide is now starting to turn. Rapid scientific progress in identifying novel targets, discovering differentiated mechanisms of drug action and our ability to  develop ‘fast acting’ therapeutics has brought renewed enthusiasm to the field and investment is pouring in.

Yet the lack of translatable animal models, costly clinical trials and difficulties in meeting  clinical endpoints are preventing the field moving forward.

Developed with experts at Lundbeck , RocheGSK and 20 other leading organisations, the inaugural Neuropsychiatric Drug Development summit will enable you to solve the challenges in bringing next generation neuropsychiatric therapeutics to market.

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With an emphasis on depressive disorders, this industry focused forum will allow you to explore novel targets and mechanisms of action, address mitigating and eliminating risk in clinical trials and evaluate the preclinical and clinical biomarker landscape to more robustly translate preclinical results in the clinic.

Join your peers at NDD to be part of the cross-industry  discussion on latest developments, insights and science to elevate clinically effective neuropsychiatric therapeutic pipelines